How Many Hats?

Not the type in your wardrobe, draws or that you’d wear to a wedding, I’m talking about the many different roles we have.

As a Jewellery Designer and maker my hat stock (roles) has grown a lot, I didn’t know I could own so many, and such selection too. I’ve got my creative hat, which to be fair is changeable in it’s own right, there’s the research hat, planning hat (that’s a big one), procrastination hat (finds it’s way on to my head quite often, I think I’m wearing it now :), teacher hat, accountant hat, spending hat, postmaster hat, sales hat, social media hat, marketing hat, and plenty more.

I think my least favourite is the I.T. hat, it really doesn’t fit well, slipping off and the cause of a lot of frustration being thrown across the room many, many times. But I’ve got to give this hat it’s dues, it works hard and can be amazing.

I do have a few favourite hats, the teaching hat is always good fun to wear and looking forward to wearing it a lot more. My creative hats have had a spell in the hat box to allow the workshop planning hats time to do their thing, but as with all creativity it needs to get out and be expressed – what will it get up to I wonder.

Well, that’s my hat thoughts for the day. What about you? What hats do you wear, and is there one that has been hiding for a bit an needs to be worn again?

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